What Happens With Palm Under Hewlett Packard

On April 29, 2010 Hewlett Packard made headlines by purchasing Palm, Inc. for $1.2 billion. Many industry insiders thought HP would use the acquisition to jump to the front of the mobile device market. Hewlett Packard had lagged other manufacturers in developing this lucrative yet highly competitive market.

The industry believed HP made the deal to acquire the WebOS operating system. The WebOS system was built on the same type of platform many web browsers are built on and was supposed to be more flexible and adaptable than the platform used by Apple in the iPhone and iPad. After the purchase HP scrapped it’s project to build the Windows 7 based Slate tablet in favor of a WebOS based tablet.

By July 2011 HP had integrated the Palm line, with enterprise quality execution, with it’s own and started marketing the Pre, the Pixi, and the Veer under the HP brand. HP launched the long awaited ThinkPad and two new smartphones. The release of the ThinkPad happened months afetr the iPad and garnered only mediocre reviews. The WebOS operating system was also encountering problems. By the end of August 2011 HP had pulled the ThinkPad off of the market after only seven weeks citing weak sales. HP also discontinued production of all mobile devices to focus on their core products.

Abouth this time Hewlett Packard fired Leo Apotheker and replaced him with former eBay CEO Meg Whitman. Three months into her tenure on Dec 9, 2011 Ms. Whitman announced that HP would be releasing the WebOS system to the open source market allowing independent coders and developers access to the platfor. Ms. Whitman stated “The WebOS system is the only platform designed from the ground up to be mobile, cloud connected, and scalable”. Ms. Whitman also iterated that HP would continue to invest in the success of development of the WebOS system.

Releasing the WebOS to the open source will allow HP to access the coders and designers they may not have had in house. If the open source coders and designers are successful HP could conceivably re-enter the mobile device market. They could use the open source market to run app store and sell licesning of the platform. As far as Palm goes, the brand most likely died with the acquisition by Hewlett Packard. However, if there is success in the open source market the WebOS system will be the legacy of Palm, Inc. and they will always be remembered for.

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Palm Treo 750

treo 750

Smartphones are more popular than ever, and so is finding the right exchange host provider. The Palm Treo 750 that was introduced in January, 2007, has been well accepted ever since. This Smartphone was Palm’s initial third generation (known as 3G) of the “Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems” that was a subset of the global “International Mobile Telecommunications 200” standard. When this model was introduced it was their first foray into expanding their international customers, and they partnered with Microsoft and other carriers to provide a service far beyond what the Operating System was capable of offering on the older systems.

To look at some of the features of the Palm Treo 750 that makes this Smartphone so “smart”, let’s begin with one of the first obvious features – it has no antenna (which was great because so many of the older one’s antennae tended to break off). In addition, this model is not as wide as the older models, but it is a bit thicker, and it weighs just a little over five ounces, and it comes is a great shade of midnight blue. It is painted with a “soft-touch” paint that makes it easier to hold onto particularly convenient during hot weather when the hands are sweaty.

There are some features that have not been changed, such as the location of the speaker and the location of the softkeys that control the functions on the screen, but one great new feature that is truly convenient is the “Silent” key that stifles the ringing and is great during meetings.

Another great improvement of the Palm Treo 750 is the plastic runners along the side that do not contract or screech when this phone is gripped tightly, and the Secure Digital (SD) slot is redesigned and more stable than the older models. With the redesign of the buttons, they are somewhat more supple than the older models and much better for keying, and the backlight on the buttons have been changed to be more even and brighter. The stylus is also more durable and fits better into its silo than the previous models.

The CPU in this model is a Samsung, and is capable of downloading data, plus it is designed with 128MB of RAM and it has limited storage available of 60MB, and when combined with the SD slot, that can store up to 2GB of data or applications. The resolution on the screen is rather low at 240 by 240, but it’s quite clear and the text is easy to read.

This Palm Treo 750 Smartphone is equipped with a camera that is 1.3MP, which is somewhat lower than many of the newer phones, but it’s sufficient for most users, and the quality of the pictures is fairly normal when compared to other like devices. It is capable of taking videos, but they are generally quite grainy, and may be difficult to hear the recorded audio.

When looking at the Palm Treo 750, it has a number of great features that many consumers are seeking in a Smartphone.

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Palm Treo 850

palm treo 850

Another great “Smartphone” that has been introduced in the past year is the Palm Treo 850 that has some significant improvements on the older models in this family. With some of these new features, this has rapidly become one of the most popular models on the market today. Palm has partnered with Windows to ensure that it’s user friendly and many of the features are easy to understand; with Mobile Pro 6.1, this has proven that the device is certainly easy to use.

One of the features, as stated on http://www.nanobionexus.com that have been redesigned on this Palm Treo 850 is the display. This display now has a resolution of 320 by 320, and the panel utilizes touch screen features. With a slightly wider width, it is approximately one-half inch thick and a length of a little under three inches, it’s comfortable to hold onto and easy to use.

The memory has also been expanded in this model over the previous versions, to 128MB of RAM memory and it can support an SD memory chip that provides up to 32GB of additional storage space. It is designed with WI-FI and is also compatible with the 3G network, which is the third generation of the Mobile Telecommunications technology. Another feature that has been expanded in this model is that it is compatible with Bluetooth devices, which allows the user to use the popular Bluetooth wireless headsets with this model. It also supports a stereo headset.

Another feature that has been improved on the Palm Treo 850 is the camera. This model has a 2MP camera that is a significant improvement over the previous versions. The camera is equipped with an 8x digital zoom, and it’s also capable of capturing much higher video quality than the previous models were capable of storing, and it has a USB port that allows phone to be synchronized with a computer.

Other features that are included with this model include GoogleMaps, Adobe Reader, QuickGPS, a Calculator, Calendar, and a Communications Manager. It also includes both Word. Excel, and PowerPoint Mobile and has Windows Media Player and Live Messenger, along with a variety of other great applications.

One of the newer features of the Palm Treo 850 is the 1500 mAh (which means MilliAmps per hour) lithium-ion battery. This is a newer design in batteries that is particularly exceptional for digital cameras and Smartphones because the charge on this last up to five hours of talk time before it has to be recharged. Even better it will last up to 250 hours while on standby and not in use before recharging. Just be sure that the correct mAh batteries are purchased in case the old ones cease to function.

There are a number of great features that come with this Palm Treo 850, and consumers will be very happy with the features and the style of this Smartphone. With all the features, and the improvements in this model, productivity is boosted with the variety of applications that come with this model.

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Treo Hosting

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Palm Treo Cases

caseA lot of people like having their Smartphones protected in one of the Palm Treo Cases that are available for the different models. This helps protect the phone from getting scratched as it’s bumped, dropped, and dragged across various surfaces, as well as helps protect it from getting wet, or having the display or keys broken. There are a number of cases available for the different models that are discussed at http://all-creations.com, such as:

  • Leather Cases – For the Palm Treo Pro there are assorted leather cases that are available in red, black, brown, green, tan and blue, as well as horizontal cases that also come in white, blue, red, green, brown, raspberry, pink, orange, black, and other assorted styles and colors. There are also vertical and horizontal pouches that are available to help protect the Smartphone inside. These are generally available and range in cost from $20 to $60.
  • Silicone Rubber Cases – These Palm Treo Cases are made of soft rubber that helps protect the Smartphone. The come in a variety of colors including red, black, clear, and blue, and these are durable and flexible, plus they are made of soft silicone materials that are made to precisely fit and protect these Smartphones. These rubber cases fit over the back of the phone and typically cost less than $10.
  • Hard Cases – Some people are just really hard on their phones and have a habit of dropping them in parking lots, on concrete floors, or countertops, and having a hard case helps eliminate having to replace the phone every few months. These Palm Treo Cases are available for the Palm Treo 680 and 750 models and are available from a variety of sources for generally less than $20.
  • Metal Cases – Another great type of case for these Palm Treos is an aluminum case. These cases have an inner lining of neoprene to help protect the phone from damage, and it allows the consumer to easily access the buttons, the charger, the display, and the headset without having to take it out of the case. These generally come in black or silver and are typically priced at less than $20.
  • Pouches – For those wanting a fun design on their Palm Treo Cases, these pouches come with some great designs and help protect the phone in the process. Choose from Eyore, Mickey Mouse, Tweety Bird, Snoopy, or other whimsical designs that make having a Smartphone just plain fun. These are also generally priced between $12 and $25 for a great fashion statement for the Smartphone.

Because these Smartphones can get dropped, scratched, or dampened, selecting one of these Palm Treo Cases is a great choice to help protect these expensive phones. They come in a variety of colors, in assorted materials from metal to fabric to silicone, and they come in a lot of different styles – one of which is just perfect to meet the needs of the consumer. Take a look at these great cases and help protect this great investment.

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Palm Treo Games

gamesMost people purchase a Smartphone because they love the features it offers. However, apart from the intelligent features Palm Treo has an intriguing element – the Palm Treo Games. While you take a boring train ride, wait in the airport lounge, or hospital waiting room, you can make it at least a little more tolerable by playing on your Palm Treo. Accordting to www.digitalcarnival.net, it’s also great to help keep the kids quite and occupied on that long road trip. There are a variety of games that come with the Smartphone itself, but there are other games that are available that can be purchased for that person who just can’t sit still and do nothing for that hour or two wait. With the variety of games that are available, this is a sample of the types available:

  • Featured Games – There are a number of the classic Palm Treo Games that are included with the phone itself. There’s always the standby Solitaire that many people have played for hours to pass the time, and Mahjong is another classic tile game that has been popular for many years. These also include various casino games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker, video keno, and an assortment of slots. Other great games such as Bejeweled 2, Bookworm, Hexic, Platypus, and of course the ever popular Tetris and many more.
  • Packs – One company that manufactures different Palm Treo Games is Astraware and includes a variety of classic board games, assorted card games, and of course the ever popular Sudoku. Purchasing one of the value packs gets the Sudoku, eight board games, and 12 card games for one price.
  • Board Games – With the variety of board games available, these include Checkers, Snakes and Ladders, Backgammon, Chess, Tic-Tac-Toe, Reversi, Ludo, and Nine Men’s Morris. These are great games to help pass the time and can make a long wait pass by quickly.
  • Strategy Games – Another great group of games that are available are the strategy games. In addition to Sudoku and various casino games, there’s Cake Mania, Fish Tycoon, Hellfire, Tradewinds, Westward, Traffic Jam, the Wars, and several more, these are some great Palm Treo Games to play on the Smartphone.
  • Puzzle Games – A lot of people love puzzle games, and there are plenty of these games available for the Palm Treo phones. These include the ever popular Bejeweled, Atomica, Alchemy, Mahjong, Dynomite, Cubis, Hexic, Golden Skull, Chuzzle, Crazy Daisy, Seven Seas, Shape Shifter, Mummy Maze, Bounce Out, Zuma, and a number more that are terrific to play and occupy some boring down time.
  • Bargain Games – There are also some that are quite inexpensive in a Bargain bundle that includes TipTop, Mummy Maze, Darts, Bowling, Buzz, Atomica and a few more that are games that are just plain enjoyable to play.

Certainly there are numerous choices that consumers can select for their Palm Treo Games that are available to be downloaded to their Smartphones. These include a variety of puzzle, action, strategy, card, board, and word games that are terrific to pass the time and have some fun.

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Palm Treo Programs

programThe Palm Treo Programs that are included in the Palm Treo Smartphones have a number of great features and applications that have made these phones quite popular. Some of these features include the following:

  • Calendars – these are a great feature for time management. When the calendar is included on the phone and it can be synchronized with the Palm Desktop or the PDA, it makes it so much more convenient to managetime, and not forget appointments. More tips can be found at http://www.eduqn.com.
  • Calculators – having a calculator is extremely handy on the phone. It eliminates consumers from having to carry a separate calculator in their pockets and is very helpful when one is needed.
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – these are some of the Palm Treo Programs that are extremely convenient for consumers. For those needing to read a Word Document or an Excel Spreadsheet at the airport or on the run between meetings, when they don’t have time to go back to the office and start the computer, these are very handy applications. Even the option of creating a document or a presentation while having coffee at Starbucks or lunch at The Grill, this Smartphone provides a very handy way to maintain efficiency.
  • Conversion Software – another great Palm Treo Programs that is available is for conversions. There are many circumstances where a weight, length, temperature, volume, velocity needs to be converted from some form of measurement to another. Having this ability to convert kilograms to ounces, Celsius to Fahrenheit, meters to feet, liters to gallons, or many other conversion requirements, is very handy when a computer isn’t handy to look them up – or if the consumer doesn’t remember the ninth grade math conversion charts.
  • World Time Zones – For the business travelers or for business people who have clients or vendors around the world in different time zones, converting the time zone changes to remember when the meeting is actually scheduled can be very difficult. Having the “World Clock” application is a huge benefit for conducting global business.
  • GoogleMaps – another great feature that is helpful for travelers is Google Maps. This software is perfect when there’s no navigational Garmen or TomTom in the rental car to provide turn by turn directions to the destination. At least having the access to the map on the phone is the next best thing, and can certainly help by having this Palm Treo Program toavoid making wrong turns.
  • Games – Sitting in the airport for hours on end can be quite boring, and if the battery is already down on the laptop, at least there is an alternative, sit down, grab the Smartphone; play a game of Chess, or Bowling, or Sudoku, or a variety of other games that are available on these phones.

When consumers start looking at some of the great Palm Treo Programs that are available on these Smartphones, they’ll be amazed at the variety of programs included. Most are very helpful for time management, efficiency, and even entertainment.

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Palm Treo OS

palm osWith the onslaught of dozens of Smartphones, it may be hard to decide, but the Palm Treo OS is one of those phones that has so many features that many consumers find very appealing. The main intent of many people is just to stay in touch in a variety of method from texting to phoning, and this phone offers these basic features and much more to help keep everyone in touch – and entertained at the same time. Let’s take a look at some of the great features of this phone that were discussed on www.profiledub.com.

Certainly, in many states using the cell phone while driving is legal only with a hands-free headset, generally these days, that’s done with Bluetooth technology, and this Palm Treo OS phone supports this technology. Being able to talk and text is just a small portion of what this phone can do – add a digital camera to the foray, and this phone now becomes handy to take a picture or capture a video of something that shouldn’t be forgotten. The display is clear enough to allow consumers to view these great pictures and e-mail allow them to be sent to family and friends who also need to see the pictures and videos.

Keeping on track for meetings and appointments is certainly an important aspect of time management and in the past people carried a Day Timer just for that purpose, with this Palm Treo OS phone, a built in organizer is part of the applications that come with the phone. In addition to a Calendar, there’s also a time zone chart and conversion software that’s helpful for people who have global customers and need to be sure they are on time for the meeting as well as having the ability to convert various measurements, distances, and volumes easily without having to find a calculator.

Web access is a great function of these phones as well because it provides access to some great features such as GoogleMaps to help find directions, phone numbers, and address for destinations – particularly helpful when there’s not a Navigator in the car to help with directions. There are also many web access tools that are helpful to perform research that would otherwise be unavailable until the consumer returned to the office or home to get the computer turned on.

In addition to these great tools, the Palm Treo OS also has an inherent MP3 player. Music lovers will be thrilled to be able to carry one device and be able to download their favorite music to their Smartphone. This is a great way of taking favorite songs along on a trip and not have to take another device.

Consumers no longer have to keep track of their phone, their digital camera, a calculator, and their MP3 player; instead it’s all in their one Palm Treo OS and there are plenty of other features that make this a terrific Smartphone. Take a look at all the features and applications that are available for this great line of phones.

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Palm Treo Pixi

Palm Treo Pixi

The Palm Treo Pixi is one of the very popular 3G Smartphone that has a number of fantastic features that has made it one of the top selling phones on the market today. With 8GB of internal memory and the ability to utilize SD chips to provide greater storage, and numerous applications that are extremely helpful to the consumer. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that consumers say this phone is a great buy.

One aspect that everyone hates is being in the middle of a call and having the battery die on them. When the battery is fully charged on this phone, it provides somewhat over five hours that the user can actually be talking on a call and when it’s in standby mode, it stays charged for up to 14.5 days. Another great aspect of this Palm Treo Pixi is that it’s very light – weighing in at five ounces, it’s easy to carry and frequently use. Plus it is compatible with Bluetooth technology making it convenient in many ways.

Another great feature of this phone that is extremely popular is the GPS application that it comes with to provide audible directions that tells the driver the distance to the next turn, and the direction of the turn, as well as how long it is estimated to take to reach the selected destination. It’s handy because drivers can locate nearby gasoline stations when they are getting seriously low and are in an unfamiliar area. It’s also helpful to locate nearby restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and any other location the driver is seeking.

These Palm Treo Pixi devices also have a standard QWERTY keyboard that is easy to use, and a great display that is clear and sharp and easy to view the various applications, or pictures, or documents that are displayed on the phone. It can easily connect to the internet as well, providing almost infinite access to various programs and applications supported across the web. Wi-Fi networking allows the unit to access hot spots in the favorite Starbucks, or the bookstore, or airport where Wi-Fi is provided.

Some of the applications that are available on this phone includes calendars that can by synchronized to the computer system at home or the office, making it quite easy to ensure that all appointments are accounted for on the calendars, and no important meeting is missed.

A proximity sensor and accelerometer allows the Palm Treo Pixi to automatically orient the page to either portrait or landscape views without have to touch a button or stop to select the viewing mode before it’s actually turned. This feature makes it very easy to watch movies in landscape and read the document in portrait mode.

When consumers are looking for a great new Smartphone, take a look at the Palm Treo Pixi because it may be light in weight, but it’s not a lightweight when it comes to great features and applications. This is a great phone with lots of excellent features.

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Palm Treo Review

Everyone who owns one of these Palm Treo phones has an opinion and the Palm Treo Reviews on these products are as varied as the consumers who purchased them. There are plenty of reviews on these different phones and the accessories that are available with these phones.

One of the Palm Treo phones is the 750, and it has a number of reviews, both good and bad, about the product. Of the reviews the most interesting is the recommendation that people who are incompetent with technology should not purchase this phone because it has some of the best technology on the market. This reviewer stated that calls that are coming in on the phone are very clear and sharp, and there are no problems to hear the person on the other end of the call. Since this Smartphone has a 312 MHz processor, it’s very powerful, but unfortunately, the processing power takes a lot of battery power. They stated that there are such a wide variety of applications available along with a huge number of free applications. They also liked the ability to hot synch their schedules on this phone with their calendars on the computer. Most of the consumers who provided Palm Treo Reviews liked the variety of applications and games that are available on this model.

On the opposing side, this particular model is not equipped with Wi-Fi so it has to be connected to the internet in other methods. Some of the other criticisms of this phone are that it is somewhat large and after a while gets a bit heavy to have to continue to hold. Other reviewers stated that it was underpowered and that it takes several times of pressing the keys before they are recognized and activated.

Another model that is included in the Palm Treo Reviews is the Palm Treo 850. On the positive side, the consumers stated that the keyboard works quite well and is a high quality keyboard. The unit is thin and is comfortable to carry in a pocket or it is convenient to carry in a purse, and there are a wide variety of cases for this model. This model has a variety of optional programs and has some great accessories including a GPS that works extremely well, and they stated it’s not a hog when it comes to consuming power. They also stated that the camera works quite well on this model.

On the negative side, they stated that the Mobile Dialer does not function well, and can be very frustrating at times. One of the main complaints that are consistent is that the technical support on this phone is not very good, and the screen tends to separate from the surrounding plastic housing.

When looking at the various Palm Treo Reviews on the Palm Treo phones, there are generally more positive reviews on this phone than there are negative reviews. In general, the technology for the phones is excellent, and they some with some really great features.

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Palm Treo with GPS

Palm Treo with GPS

Most people don’t think about the incredible technology that goes into the Palm Treo with GPS Smartphones, how much it cost, what makes it work, or what it can be used for – other than getting directions to that new Indian restaurant on the other side of town that everyone is raging about. So let’s talk about the technology a bit before covering why it’s so great on this phone because most people who use it today, have no idea what they did without it.

GPS actually stands for Global Positioning System that was developed by the Department of Defense, and began in the 1970. It was originally developed for the military so that they leaders and the soldiers can always know exactly where each of the units are located. It’s actually a navigation system that depends on the twenty-four satellites that communicate with the ground stations to provide extremely accurate directions and locations. These satellites are spaced that t any time there are six satellites that available to provide directional information to the users. The first war that these units were predominantly helpful with was during Desert Storm in 1991.

Anyone who has one of these Palm Treo with GPS phones knows how valuable this Global Positioning System is when traveling, or looking for directions in an unfamiliar area. These systems actually provide turn-by-turn directions where the driver is informed of the street names, the distances, and which way to turn in the upcoming intersection. One of the greatest features of these systems is the Instant Route function where it immediately identifies another route to the selected destination in case a wrong turn is made. This is extremely handy when there is traffic congestion, a detour due to construction, or that inevitable car wreck that can block traffic for an hour or more.

Another great feature of these GPS systems is that they can also find restaurants, theaters, stores, malls, and gas stations where the address is not known – sometimes just finding the nearest gas station can be a great help when the gas tank points at the “E”. The Palm Treo with GPS is helpful when in another city and it’s time for dinner. They can pull up their current location and select either generic or specific restaurants and the system displays a list of dining establishments within a nearby area, and can expand further as the user scrolls down the list.

When users of these Palm Treo with GPS devices find themselves in need of directions, and there’s not a map available, the best way to get around unknown territory is with a GPS system. When there are six satellites at any given time triangulating the location for the Smartphone, helps travelers reach their destinations much safer, and more directly, than they have ever been able to in human history. Just think how quickly Moses would have been able to lead the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promised Land if he’d had one of these great devices.

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Palm Treo Accessories

For consumer who has purchased one of the Smartphones, there are several Palm Treo Accessories that are available for these great phones. These phones have such a wide variety of features that there has to be just as many accessories to match these great features of this phone.

One accessory that is used in all of these Palm Treo Smartphones is the Stylus. There are actually several reasons that these are replaces, but the main reason is that the stylus is lost. People leave them in pockets, on the table at the local Starbucks, or just don’t correctly set them into the silo. This is one of the Palm Treo Accessories that is available as a replacement that is generally easy to find, and usually they are less than $5.00 each.

There are a variety of Cradle kits that are available for these Smartphones. This is a cradle that allows the Smartphone to be recharged; it’s actually a pedestal and it synchronizes the data while it’s charging. One set of the cradle kits also comes with a set of international adapters that is compatible with electric sockets that are used in a variety of countries across the globe. Generally, the ones that are included are suitable for the United States, Australia, Great Britain, and the rest of Europe. It also has a six foot cable to allow the phone to easily be recharged.

Another of the Palm Treo Accessories that are available is the car chargers. In many occasions, the owner is not sitting at home or in the office and is driving around in the car, so there needs to be a way to charge the Smartphone while driving (particularly great when on a long road trip).

One of the applications that many consumers use with these Palm Treos is the music application that is included, and having a set of stereo headphones to use with the Smartphone is also an accessory that is available. Of course it’s not just for listing to music, they allow the consumer to have a hands-free headset to use as well – certainly a safe option when driving (and in some states is a legal requirement).

Lots of people prefer a back cover in a different color, and there are several of the Palm Treo Accessories that provide that solution. Whether the chosen color is green, pink, blue, red, or just the traditional black, there is a back cover available for a variety of the models – there’s just the right color to perfectly match the mood,

Occasionally the battery needs to be replaced as well, and there are batteries available for these Palm Treos that are generally under $50. When it will no longer recharge, it has to be replaced.

When looking for the Palm Treo Accessories, there are a variety of choices from the stereo headphones to the different colors of back covers, to the international charger kits. These are all reasonably priced and there are plenty of accessories from which to choose.

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Treo 650

There has been a tremendous growth in the demand for smartphones owing to the synthesis of telephony, data and information management that came into existence with them. Smartphones are comprehensively brimmed with data-communication functionality, superb computing capabilities and a list of supportive applications. With smartphone, there began a new age in mobile computing and telecommunication wherein you can create an office anywhere and anytime you want.

Treo 650
Successor of Palm Treo 600, Palm Treo 650 is a smartphone based on Palm OS. It is a highly versatile phone, which is available in a variety of expansion scope, user interface, telephony implementation, multimedia capabilities, software integration, connectivity and functionalities. Thus, one can look forward to a competent smartphone that fulfills specific requirements.
This model has been carefully designed such that it includes new features lacking in the old model as well as taking care of the problems that came up in Treo 600. What further comforts the users is the fact that the operating system of the new Treo 650 is still as user friendly as the older version.
Following are the features of the Treo 650:
•    22MB user-available non-volatile memory
•    Display: Touch-sensitive color TFT screen (includes stylus), 320 x 320 resolution, 65,536 colors, (16-bit color), User-adjustable brightness
•    Dimensions: Length 113 mm, Width 59 mm, Height 23 mm, Weight: 178 grams
•    Battery Rechargeable Lithium Polymer, Up to 5 hours talk time and Up to 2 weeks standby time
•    RealPlayer software to operate MP3 and RealAudio files.
•    The facility to view Word, Excel and PowerPoint attachments.
•    The facility to edit MS Word and Excel files.
•    Bluetooth wireless technology.
•    Digital Camera: VGA resolution (640×480), 0.3 megapixel, 16-bit color image capture, optional sepia and black & white special effects, 2x digital zoom, Automatic light balance
•    A backlit QWERTY keyboard.
•    One infrared port.
•    When this phone is connected to your computer via USB, Bluetooth or infrared, you can use it as a modem.
•    PC synchronization with Windows Sync or Exchange Server ActiveSync.
•    More pocket friendly, in terms of extraction.
•    A radio status indicator to instantly notify users of GSM status by blinking.
•    Increased side volume for better ergonomics.
What is primarily found missing in this compact technologically advanced gadget is WiFi connectivity. For some users, this may not be grave concern. However, with the increasing prominence of WiFi in our lives, heavy users of WiFi for mobile intradepartmental or home surfing and E-mail checking, lack of WiFi may be discouraging and disappointing.
The shape and design of the Treo 650 are very similar to that of the Treo 600, owing to the fact that you can still find clean lines and rounded corners, and a subtle (not too loud) color tone and presentation. However, one can easily spot some subtle changes while comparing the two models. There are significant improvements when it comes to display, power, processing capability, storage, and operating system.

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Posted by Pluto - December 13, 2010 at 12:03 pm

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